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1. Download and Install - Peppermint - The Linux Desktop OS


Regarding the functionality of the desktop, both images are virtually identical. The underlying differences between 32 bit and 64 bit are really beyond the scope of this guide; however, there are a few standard “rules of thumb” to help you choose which one is right for your system:

  • 32 bit only has native support for a little over 3 GB of RAM, but can support more if necessary.
  • 32 bit will run on much older hardware than 64 bit will.
  • 64 bit is generally faster, but things such as Adobe Flash may suffer.
  • Most processors made after 2008 will support 64 bit.
  • Most desktop users will not likely see any drastic performance differences between the two.
  • Consensus opinion is usually that 32 bit is a tiny bit more stable than 64 bit.

That said, we generally do generally recommend 64 bit for newer systems so that the maximum amount of RAM can be supported without relying on Physical Address Extension. If you're not sure about whether or not your computer will support 64 bit, then please download the 32 bit image.


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Peppermint OS Release

[2019-01-02] Peppermint OS 9-20190102
[2018-12-21] Peppermint OS 9-20181222
[2018-06-22] Peppermint OS 9
[2018-02-05] Peppermint OS 8-20180203
[2017-12-08] Peppermint OS 8-20171130
[2017-05-28] Peppermint OS 8
[2016-11-29] Peppermint OS 7-20161201
[2016-06-24] Peppermint OS 7
[2015-09-06] Peppermint OS 6-20150904
[2015-05-31] Peppermint OS Six
[2014-06-23] Peppermint OS Five
[2013-12-04] Peppermint OS Four-20131113
[2013-06-13] Peppermint OS Four
[2012-11-13] Peppermint OS Three-20121105
[2012-07-23] Peppermint OS Three
[2011-06-10] Peppermint OS Two
[2011-03-06] Peppermint OS Ice-10012010
[2011-01-05] Peppermint OS One 01042011
[2010-10-04] Peppermint OS Ice-10012010
[2010-05-19] Peppermint OS One